Academic Year



Atelier 2A – Território

Programme Year

Course teacher(s)

Marta Labastida


Approach to Vale do Ave

Intervention Location

Pousada de Saramagos, Vila Nova de Famalicão

Activity Description

The programme comprises a single exercise with the main purpose of putting to the test intervention alternatives in the contemporary diffuse urban pattern and questioning opportunities for intervention, which implies “discovering” new approaches to the site and the project. In view of an area located along the EN206 road in the parish of Pousada de Saramagos, Vila nova de Famalicão, students must confront different approaches to the different locations, interpreting specific issues related to the contemporary diffuse urban pattern.

This experience allows not only for a reconnaissance of the location but also for the development of a proposal based on three forms of mediation: Gleaning _ selecting and making use of what is found on site. Recycling_facing the past and the future from a process-based outlook. Crafting_ resourcefulness, without a guiding model, thereby enabling the construction and renewal of action tools based on what is found on site.

Each approach must be capable of leading to new intervention alternatives in the form of project-strategies to determine new scopes for interplay on-site, fostering existing or feasible processes.

The Territory Ages

Anna Benitez, Antía Martinez e Yolanda Conejero

  • Análise urbana
  • Análise urbana. Equipamentos
  • Análise urbana. Industria
  • Análise urbana. Atividade comercial
  • Plano de idades. Crianças
  • Apropriação do território
  • Plano de idades. Jovens
  • Apropriação do território
  • Plano de idades. Adultos
  • Apropriação do território
  • Plano de idades. Sénior
  • Apropriação do território
  • Focos de atividade urbana
  • Polos de atração de atividades na EN 206
  • Procura dos focos principais
  • Polos de atração de atividades. Transversalidade
  • Mutação pontual do território
  • Apropriação do território. Zoom
  • Apropriação do território. Zoom
  • Apropriação do território. Memória histórica